We also want to educate and provide parents with some perspective as they look into more competitive options for their kids while dispelling the notion that private club teams are the only option. 

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What is club lacrosse and how do we decide if this is right for our son?

We know that parents are looking for the best opportunities for their daughters based on several factors and we want to be honest about where we are as a program so you can make those decisions. We will say that while there is intense pressure for girls to:

  1. 1. Join private club teams at younger and younger ages to "secure a spot for the future",
  2. 2. Access paid = "better" coaches, and
  3. 3. Compete at the highest level year round (prioritizing lacrosse over other sports); it is important to understand the pros and cons of these teams.

In fact, specializing on any one sport at younger ages is systematically rejected by all major sports' governing bodies,  securing spots on club teams doesn't last when the club needs to improve its ranking and standing, and having kids sit on the bench just to be on elite teams, isn't for everyone.

We want to offer a competitive high value program that offers the player development opportunities to grow as a player and teammate.  This will prepare our players to be ready to play at the next competitive level, whatever that may be - high school, national team, college. 

We can offer this player development while avoiding the negatives associated with the private club experience while keeping our kids playing with their classmates and for their community as well as a club.


Multi-sport Athletes

  • •  Click here for information from USA Lacrosse about the benefits of Multi Sport Athletes
  • •  Click here for info on Single vs Multi Sports Athletes


USA Lacrosse

LTLC is a full participant program with USA Lacrosse. All players and coaches are required to have USA Lacrosse membership.

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